Support Association

Friends of the DST

Our support association “Friends of the German School Toulouse (DST)” was founded by parents in March 2016. We organise numerous activities around school life and thus complement the school offer.
Parents from kindergarten, primary school and secondary school join our community.

The association is registered under French law as “Association Loi 1901” (registered non-profit association).

Our Community

We love books!

One of our focus activities is to provide easy and affordable access to German media (books, CDs, games) for the children and parents of the DST. We organise collective book orders several times throughout the year. 

We connect people!

We aim to support our community and social life at the school. We organise various events for children and parents, such as flea markets, parent cafés, or joint sports activities.

We enjoy events and special occasions!

We help organise activities for our children at school. Whether it’s the school’s summer fair or a fundraising event for UNICEF: we support the DST at various events and festivities and embrace fun vibes, festive cheer, or the sense of community these events create.

We love to exchange with others!

The DST does not inhabit the Eurocampus alone. We share the grounds and buildings with the International School Toulouse (IST) and bring together students from the IST and DST. Our “Galette des Rois-Get-Together” gives parents from both schools the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

For our children

The proceeds from our activities directly benefit the DST. Since its foundation, the association has been able to support the following projects, for example:

• Purchase of books and material for the kindergarten
• Purchase of a table tennis table for the primary school playground
• Purchase of material (games, etc.) for the break time of our secondary school pupils

Become part of an active community

We would be delighted if you were to support the Friends with your membership! In doing so, you will meet new parents and enjoy the community life at DST.

We welcome anyone and everyone who would like to share our commitment to the children and parents. Become a member of the “Friends of DST” – we look forward to meeting you!