Invest in a Promising Future

Give your child an education that opens doors.

Our multilingual education and dual diploma Abitur/Baccalauréat (Abibac) open doors to universities and professional careers worldwide.

We educate our students to become responsible, team-oriented, highly qualified, and open-minded individuals.

We support each child individually in their development, so they can achieve above-average exam results and reach their full potential.

I’m studying at the French engineering school INSA in Toulouse. Thanks to the high level of English I learned at the Deutsche Schule Toulouse, I was directly accepted into the international class at INSA. My current studies at the French university show me that the social science education at the Deutsche Schule Toulouse was excellent and gave me a sense of open-mindedness.

Damien Thierry, Student at the INSA Toulouse engineering school – Abitur 2019

How to apply


Get to know us! Visit our kindergarten, elementary school, and/or secondary school and get bespoke advice in a personal meeting.

Head Teacher: Ingrid Schöner-Memain
Telephone: +33 (0) 5 67 73 29 02

Head Teacher: Doris Weinmann
Telephone: +33 (0) 5 67 73 29 04

Secretary Karina Noack
Telephone: +33 (0) 5 67 73 29 20

Application Deadlines

You can enroll your child with us year-round or fill out an application form.

We kindly request that you apply as early as possible at the beginning of each calendar year for the following school year.


Sie haben sich dafür entschieden, Ihr Kind an der Deutschen Schule anzumelden?

Download der Anmeldeformulare

Hier finden Sie zum Download den Aufnahmeantrag für den Kindergarten sowie die Anmeldeformulare für die Grundschule und die weiterführende Schule. Die Anmeldung erfolgt direkt über die jeweiligen Schulteile.


Aufnahme KG


Anmeldung GS

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Sobald die Aufnahme von pädagogischer und Verwaltungsseite geprüft und bestätigt wurde, wird Ihnen das Sekretariat den Einschreibelink zukommen lassen.

Welche Unterlagen benötige ich?

Folgende Unterlagen werden für die Anmeldung als Datei zum Hochladen in unser System benötigt:

  • 1 Foto als jpeg-Datei
  • Geburtsurkunde als PDF
  • Personalausweis als PDF
  • Impfausweis bzw. ärztl. Attest über die Erfüllung der Impfpflicht in FR als PDF
  • letzte Zeugnis (Grundschule) bzw. die Zeugnisse der vergangenen drei Jahre (Weiterführende Schule) als PDF
  • Zahlungsnachweis Einschreibegebühren oder Bestätigung Kostenübernahme durch Dritte als PDF

Growing up in an international environment gave me a significant advantage, both during my university applications and later in the job market. My language skills and cultural awareness have helped me navigate diverse work environments and confidently tackle challenges.

Deniz Keskin, Project Engineer at Procter & Gamble (Würzburg, Germany) – Abitur 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications can my child obtain at the Deutsche Schule?

We offer our students the Hauptschule or Realschule degree, the German International Abitur, and the dual diploma Abitur and Baccalauréat (Abibac), which enables them to pursue studies and careers worldwide.

Is there an entrance exam?

For students who are not native German speakers, we sometimes conduct a paid language test, which takes place at our school.

From what age can my child attend the DST?

Your child can attend our bilingual kindergarten from the age of 2, where they will be cared for in a child-friendly and safe environment.

What childcare options does the school offer outside of regular school hours?

We offer your kindergarten and/or elementary school child early care from 7:30 am and late care until 6:15 pm outside of school hours (8:15 am – 4:15 pm). On Wednesday afternoons, children can attend our “Club Ameli” until 6 pm.

How does the school support my child who is not a native German speaker?

We support students with non-German native language with appropriate language support and assistance so that they can successfully complete the German education path.

Is the kindergarten recognized as an "Ecole Maternelle"?

Yes, our kindergarten is recognized as an “Ecole Maternelle” for children aged 3 and up, and we therefore meet the criteria for compulsory education in France.

Can I enroll my child as a guest student at the DST?

We offer your child the opportunity to participate in classes as a guest student for at least three months, one semester, or a maximum of one school year. The start should generally be at the beginning of the school year. General enrollment conditions and fees apply to guest students; the DST is not a boarding school, so we ask you to organize accommodation locally.

Are there any fee reductions available?

Yes, we offer discounted school fees. You can find more information in the fee overview.

Is it possible for students from abroad to join the DST?

Yes, regardless of whether you are from Germany and are looking for a smooth transition into the German education system, live in another country, or are already on site, we warmly welcome you. Entry is possible up to the start of the 11th grade, depending on your German language skills and subject selection.

Does the Abitur/Abibac grant access to university studies in France and worldwide?

Yes, the Abitur and Abibac are recognized qualifications, and graduates have the same opportunities as graduates with a Baccalauréat.

The open-mindedness and the close-knit community spirit that were standard at DST are incredibly valuable social skills that I’ve been able to use in many aspects of my life. Both helped me to present myself openly, authentically, confidently, and self-assuredly. On top of that, there’s the international experience, living in another country, and interacting with a foreign language in a completely different way. After graduating, I studied bilingually and had to write my thesis in English. Unlike some of my classmates, this was never a problem for me, and I don’t have any hesitation about speaking English or French.

Jason-Dannie Keil, Integration & Testing Engineer at Philotech GmbH Manching (Germany) – Abitur 2012

Our School Fees

We want to make high-quality education accessible to everyone. In addition to the regular school fees, we offer reduced school fees and various package options that include full-day care and instruction until 4:15 pm/3:50 pm in all school areas, as well as early and late care until 6:15 pm.

If you are not supported by an employer under a mobility agreement or another institution and do not receive reimbursement of all or part of the school fees, you can apply for our reduced family rate (Option A).

Option A - You pay the school fees yourself (reduced school fees)*


Reduced Fee (upon request)

Monthly fee (10 months)

512 € (Sibling’s discount for the 2nd child and more: 461 €)

Admission fee

for children aged 3 and older: one-time payment of 700 €
for children aged 2 („Kleiner Garten“): one-time payment of 1900 €

Grade 1 – Grade 12

Reduced Fee (upon request)

Monthly fee (10 months)

412 €

Sibling's discount - Monthly fee (10 months)

• 1st child 412 €
• 2nd child 330 €
• 3rd child and more 289 €

Admission fee

one-time payment of 700 €

Option B - Your employer contributes to the school fees*


Regular Fee

Monthly fee (10 months)

2376 €

Admission fee for children aged 2 („Kleiner Garten“)

one-time payment of 2600 €

Admission fees for children aged 3 and older

one-time payment of 1400 €

Grade 1 - Grade 12

Regular Fee

Monthly fee (10 months)

2376 €

Admission fee

one-time payment of 1400 €

Additional services

Early care from 7h30

from 3 years; bookable by the day,
14 € per month for one day / week
70 € per month for 5 days / week

Evening care until 18h15

(Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)
Kindergarten 134 € monthly fees
Primary School 114 € monthly fees

Activity on Wednesday afternoon: Club Ameli

Wednesdays 11h45 – 18h incl. packed lunch, from age 3
930 € per school year


Primary school and kindergarten (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)
710 € per school year
Secondary school
(will be finalised soon)

* subject to adoption at the DSVT Annual General Assembly on October 10, 2024

Administrative Fee/Membership fee per year and per family: 250 €

If you have any further questions or need advice regarding the fees that apply to your family, please feel free to contact us at

What Happens After Application?

Once your online application, including the payment of the enrollment fees, has been received by us, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment.

You will receive timely information from us regarding the ordering of textbooks and other materials.

At the end of August, we invite you to a welcome event. This annual event, as well as the first parents’ evening shortly afterwards, offers an excellent opportunity to meet other new families and exchange ideas with them.

We are always happy to be available to you, both in person and by phone, to ensure a smooth start for you and your child at DST.