School Canteen

Our School Meals

We provide school meals at lunchtime for children and students from kindergarten through to high school: There is a canteen at the Eurocampus and the Lycée International Victor Hugo.

School canteen at Eurocampus

We aim to ensure a high-quality standard of nutrition for your children by supporting them in choosing a balanced meal through our competent canteen team and informing them about the right choice of foods and a healthy diet.

Your children can choose between two warm main courses daily – one of which is vegetarian. In addition, a side dish, warm vegetables or a salad, and a dessert (e.g., yoghurt) are offered. Fruit is also freely available to the children after the meal.

Water is provided, and children can drink as much as they want.

Our kindergarten children eat in a designated room equipped for their purposes and are served a warm main course and a dessert.

Themed meal days, which take up international dishes of all nations or specialities of the French regions, are enthusiastically accepted by the children and contribute to them being aware of their multicultural environment.

Once a week there is an all-vegetarian day for everyone, which supports the overall focus on healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Our French canteen service provider Api Restauration has set up a separate section on its website for the canteen at the Eurocampus. Here you can find out everything from the daily menu to allergens.

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Canteen at the Lycée International

When our secondary school students take their lunch, they are immersed in a babble of voices in various languages. The canteen is shared with the French and English pupils of the Lycée, which provides a lively and international atmosphere.
The meals are freshly prepared on-site by the canteen team. They pay attention to a balanced mix of regional cuisine, organically grown produce, and seasonal dishes.
As is customary in France, a “repas” consists of three courses: there is a choice of different starters, three main courses (one of which is vegetarian) as well as vegetables and side dishes. To round off the menu, our students can choose between different desserts – all-time favourites among students and teachers are chocolate mousse and crème brûlée.
It goes without saying that bread, cheese, fruit, and carafes of water are never to be missed at a proper French lunch! 

Bon appétit!