Neuigkeiten | Nouvelles

14 Apr 2021

What’s new in the two-year-old group?

Our group “from the age of 2” is currently fully occupied. We accompany the little ones when they first come to us and have to familiarise themselves with the unfamiliar surroundings, the new daily rhythm and their new community of children. In this way, we experience the enormous development steps of these children every day. They increasingly find their way around, begin to take part in the play activities, start to express themselves linguistically, find words, let themselves be verbally helped and comforted in conflicts and also comfort themselves..

In addition, there are numerous projects in which the children are currently experiencing the spring season. They plant and sow flowers and vegetables. They discover nature and the weather through our forest excursions.

Deutsche Schule Toulouse, Kindergarten, Dabei ab 2, Kind im Wald

In addition, the children experience their bodies through yoga, autogenic training, dance activities and the Hengstenberg movement landscape.

Their creativity is fostered through various ateliers and their musicality with sound stories and songs, both sung and accompanied by instruments.

Life is an adventure of many different facets and at the same time a journey to oneself, on which we are allowed to accompany the “Gartenzwerge” a little bit.