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The German School Toulouse

The German School Toulouse is officially recognised and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is part of a global network of German schools and a member of the World Association of German Schools.

Our mission is to teach our students to be responsible, highly qualified and open-minded.

The main objectives of our school life and learning are: multiple languages, interculturality, a solid understanding of general culture and the ability to learn for the long term.

What’s new?

Unique to the DST!


We provide a high level of language training in the form of targeted stimulation in German and French from kindergarten onwards, as well as in English from grade 5 up to the Abibac, taught by qualified and experienced teachers.

From the age of two!

Our school is suitable for children as young as two years, and our kindergarten offers a safe and nurturing environment, giving them the perfect basis for a great time at the German School of Toulouse and beyond.

The Abibac

The Abibac provides a stepping stone to higher education for our young graduates, while the international German Abitur and French baccalauréat are ideal for a successful start in any professional life.

Individual support and talent development

We tailor our support, creating small groups for children who may be struggling with particular subjects, while also encouraging students to develop their outside interests and personal strengths.

Guaranteed full-time care

Our qualified team can welcome your children from 7.30am and we guarantee full-time care until 4pm, except on Wednesdays. We also offer evening care for kindergarten and primary school children.

Education and digitalisation

We introduce the children to digital learning at an early age as part of our systematic approach, using modern equipment and technology.

Open to Interculturality

Our school is spread across two sites: the Eurocampus for the pre-school and primary school, and the French school “Lycée International Victor Hugo” for the secondary school. This enables us to cooperate on multiple levels and opens up a wealth of intercultural experiences and learning for your children.

More about us

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Our school

Our education

From kindergarten to the baccalauréat – School and beyond


German Kindergarten

We are a German kindergarten offering an intercultural environment, and have been awarded the German labels “School on the Move” and “Treasure Hunters”. We teach, support and guide children aged two to six, as they prepare for primary school.

Primary School

Located on the Eurocampus grounds, our primary school offers a positive and stimulating environment, where regular exchanges with English and French partners are a feature of daily life.

Secondary School

Grades 6 to 12 (collège and lycée DST) are situated at the Lycée International Victor Hugo, just a few minutes from the Eurocampus.

Our students’ intercultural learning includes meeting and exchanging with French and English teenagers both in class and as part of their extra-curricular activities.

School life

Our school is characterised by a lively learning and a strong sense of togetherness. Many clubs, projects, cultural events, trips, excursions or participation in competitions offer space to live out individual interests.

Two sites for our students

Our students are taught at two sites.

The Eurocampus

Kindergarten and Primary school

The Eurocampus is located in Colomiers on a private estate of more than 40,000 m². It is home to the pre-school and primary school, alongside the German School of Toulouse (DST) administration. We not only share the site with the International School of Toulouse (IST), but also the common goal of international education for children of different nationalities through a multitude of collaborations.


Lycée International

Secondary school

The German School of Toulouse’s secondary school (grades 6 to 12) is housed at the French Lycée/College Victor Hugo in Colomiers and benefits greatly from this complex’s infrastructure.

Thanks to close cooperation between the French school and the British section that is also located there, our students benefit from lots of interdisciplinary educational projects.




We would be delighted to welcome your child to our school.

Registration is carried out at either the kindergarten, elementary or secondary schools.



Partners & Accreditations

The German School Toulouse is officially recognised and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is part of a global network of German schools and a member of the World Association of German Schools.

The school’s supervisory association is the Deutscher Schulverein Toulouse.

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